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Over the past few years I've been working on developing my own divination reading technique based around Clow Cards. They're a set of cards with no relation to Tarot or any other divinatory tool however after using them to read for myself and friends I've found that they can give amazing readings and really great guidance. They also allow me to give completely intuitive readings as there are no specific divinatory guidelines set out for using the cards, it lets me keep honing my skills and gives a really unique reading.

What are Clow Cards?

Clow Cards are a set of 52 individual cards that were designed for the CLAMP manga and animé Cardcaptor Sakura, or Cardcaptors in English, so you might recognise them! In the manga they're sometimes used in the place of tarot for divination. Each card has a character, a spirit attached to it that acts in a certain way and has certain strengths and weaknesses. When reading them I take into account the 'nature' of the card which gives clues into the querents personality, strengths, weaknesses and situation. They can be read as a stand alone or in combination with other cards to give a more indepth look into your situation.
They act in much the same way as tarot in that you can ask a question, or for advice in a certain area of your life, and I will read the cards in relation to your query.

My Divination Background
I first started reading Tarot cards when I was 13 years old, starting with the Tarot of the Moon Garden deck. I worked with that deck for around 5 years before starting to work with Clow Cards to form my own technique, which I've been doing now for 4 years. I've also branched out into other tarot decks and as of last year also read runes.

How Your Reading Will Work
I'm offering 5 free reading spots, each of which will recieve a 3 card spread. I'd like to collect testimonials for these readings as I'd like to offer them on a wider basis so I ask that if you take a spot, please leave me a testimonial once you've recieved your reading ♥
If you've decided you'd like a reading, here's what you need to do:
1. Leave me a comment with your question or query on what you would like me to read about. The more detailed you are the more detailed I can be! Include 3 numbers between 1 and 52 in your comment. These will be the cards I read for you.
2. Leave your email address so I can contact you with your reading.

I will then carry out your reading and email it to you along with a JPEG image of your cards.

All comments will be screened for your privacy ♥


Spot 1: TAKEN
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Overflow Spot: TAKEN
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Gearing up for my first Vlog on Dear Sweetlings: help a pixie out :)

I'm gearing up for my first Video Blog over at Dear Sweetlings, I'm finally gonna take the plunge and do it since I've been thinking about it for years.

First though I need some questions to answer! So, if you have any questions for me I'd really love if you could leave me a comment with them :) here is fine, or you can do it at my blog (or facebook, tumblr, twitter, formspring, wherever you follow me).

You can ask whatever you fancy, there's no particular theme. Some possibilities could be blogging advice, hair, clothes/style, crafts, my job (acupuncture), books, music or whatever else you like.
Commander Shepard [ME1 - 3]


Starting 24/08/2011

01. Thornyhold by Mary Stewart [24/08/2011]
02. Moonheart by Charles de Lint [30/08/2011]
03. The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling [08/09/2011]
04. Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto [17/10/2011]
05. Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger [27/10/2011]
06. Lizard by Banana Yoshimoto [14/11/2011]
07. Llewellyn's 2012 Witches' Companion: An Almanac for Everyday Living by Various Authors [23/12/2011]
08. Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti by Mandy Moore [28/12/2011]


01. A Concise Guide to Herbs by Jenny Linford [12/01] (3/5)
02. A Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin (11/02] (5/5)
03. A Clash of Kings by George R.R Martin (29/02) (5/5)
04. A Storm of Swords: Part One Steel and Snow by George R.R Martin (05/03) (4/5)
05. A Storm of Swords: Part Two Blood and Gold by George R.R Martin (12/03) (4/5)
06. Blogging for Bliss: Crafting your own online journal (A guide for crafters, artists & creatives of all kinds by Tara Frey (25/03) (3/5)
07. A Feast for Crows by George R.R Martin (27/03) (3/5)
08. Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (26/04) (3/5)
09. Diaries of a Pleiadian Warrior of Light Pt. 1-3 by Solara An-Ra (04/05) (5/5)
10. Dangerous Angels : The Weetzie Bat Books by Francesca Lia Block (13/05) (5/5)
11. Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block (20/05) (3/5)
12. Ruby by Francesca Lia Block and Carmen Staton (21/05) (2/5)
13. Violet & Claire by Francesca Lia Block (22/05) (3/5)
14. The Debutante by Kathleen Tessaro (27/05) (5/5)
15. The Waters and The Wild by Francesca Lia Block (28/05)(2/5)
16. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (04/06) (5/5)
17. Mutant Message Down Under: A Woman's Journey into Dreamtime Australia by Marlo Morgan (06/06) (5/5)
18. I Was A Teenage Fairy by Francesca Lia Block (13/06) (2/5)
19. Medicine Dance: One Woman's Healing Journey into the World of Native American Sweatlodges, Drumming Meditations and Dance Fasts by Marsha Scarborough (19/06) (1/5)
20. Metta: The Art of Loving-Kindness by Windhorse (27/06) (5/5)
21. Medicine Woman by Lynn V. Andrews (28/06) (4/5)
22. Jaguar Woman by Lynn V. Andrews (01/07) (4/5)
23. Star Woman by Lynn V. Andrews (06/07) (4/5)
24. Spirit Woman by Lynn V. Andrews (07/07) (4/5)
25. Crystal Woman by Lynn V. Andrews (08/07) (4/5)
26. Nature Spirits: Wyrd Lore and Wild Fey Magic by Danu Forest (15/07) (2/5)
27. A Dance with Dragons Pt 1: Dreams and Dust by George R.R Martin (25/07) (3/5)
28. A Dance with Dragons Pt 2: After the Feast by George R.R Martin (03/08) (3/5)
29. Windhorse Woman by Lynn V. Andrews (12/08) (4/5)
30. The Woman of Wyrrd : Arousal of the Inner Fire by Lynn V. Andrews (14/08) (4/5)
31. Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson (20/09/2012) (4/5)
32. Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Wizards by Doreen Virtue (28/09/2012) (5/5)
33. A Fairy Find by Andrew Layton (01/10/2012) (1/5)
34. Moominsummer Madness by Tove Jansson (02/10/2012) (3/5)
35. Moominpappa At Sea by Tove Jansson (10/10/2012) (3/5)
36. Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design by Faythe Levine & Cortney Heimerl (30/10/2012) (4/5)
37. Moominland in November by Tove Jansson (20/10/2012) (3/5)
38. Screw It, Lets Do It! Lessons in Life by Richard Branson (20/12/2012) (5/5)

01. Waiting by Ha Jin (02/01/2013) (2/5)
02. Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds by Lynn V. Andrews (03/01/2013) (5/5)
03. Tree of Dreams by Lynn V. Andrews (14/01/2013) (4/5)
04. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (20/01/2013) (3/5)
05. A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson (27/01/2013) (4/5)
06. Claudia and the New Girl by Ann M. Martin (03/02/2013) (4/5)
07. Lets Read Our Feet by Jane Sheehan (13/02/2013) (5/5)
08. Greenmantle by Charles de Lint (20/02/2013) (4/5)
09. Memory & Dream by Charles de Lint (19/03/2013) (3/5)
10. Soul Companions by Karen Sawyer (10/04/2013) (5/5)
11. The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (28/04/2013) (3/5)
12. I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven (07/05/2013) (4/5)
13. The Witch in Every Woman by Laurie Cabot (26/05/2013) (3/5)
14. The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint (29/05/2013) (5/5)
15. Spiritwalk by Charles de Lint (21/06/2013) (4/5)
16. The Wild Wood by Charles de Lint (27/06/2013) (2/5)
17. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay (10/08/2013) (5/5)
18. Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked by Meggan Watterson (19/08/13) (3/5)
19. Night of the Solstice by L.J Smith (10/09/13) (1/5)
20. Shape Shifters: Shaman Women in Contemporary Society by Michele Jamal (01/10/13) 5/5
21: The Chakras Made Easy by Hilary H. Carter (02/10/13) 4/5
22. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (10/11/13) 4/5
23. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (15/11/13) 4/5 *reread*
24. The Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb (25/11/13) 5/5
25. Star Stories for Little Folks by Gertrude Chandler (10/12/13) 5/5
26. Wildwitch: The Craft of the Natural Psychic by Poppy Palin (23/12/13) 5/5
27. Quest for the Lost World by Brian Blessed (28/12/13) 5/5
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3 Wishes Faery Fest 2011

Happy Solstice everyone!

I return from the land of foxgloves and the fields of much poo, invigorated and full of faerie spirit ready to consume tea and biscuits.
I had a brilliant time and had so much fun with friends, it was so good to meet lots of lovely folks from livejournal, Monkey, Monsta, Moo, Leroy, Naomi, Bryony, Natalee, glittery kisses to you all and thank you for welcoming me in and making me laugh until my ribs hurt. I got the hang out with lovely Steph, I still can't quite get over the whole weekend!

Welcome to the Faerie Glen
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Massive February Sales on my Ebay

I've recently had a massive wardrobe clear out and have listed 18 items on Ebay, I'm really excited to have been able to put some really cute and unique pieces on there! Many of these items are totally one of a kind and I've never found replica's so this is a great chance to snap something up for cheap.

Follow the Link
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A recap of 2010 entirely in pictures

This is sort of a tradition for me. I'm going to recap 2010 purely through the pictures I've taken this year :) I think it's a great way to remember all the little things you did and the big things too!




and everything in between!
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I had so many beautiful moments in 2010, I hope you did too ^^
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Plum Fairy Bag Sale Post

The Plum Fairy Bags are here and ready to go!
There are 5 available and each include the following:
1 crochet knitted bag in a rich purple wool with hook.
1 bottle of fragranced oil for oil burners
1 bottle of fairy dust
1 wishing stone
1 empty wishing scroll, just write your wish inside!
1 Lavender scented candle.

There are some variations in dust colour, oil type and stone colour which you can see below the cut.

Price: £10 (which includes International Shipping!)
Payment: Paypal, just click the button below ^_^

Please leave a comment with which bag you would like (A,B,C,D or E!) or alternatively add it as a note when you pay via paypal :)

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Commander Shepard [ME1 - 3]

Feelers for Fairy Bags

(Hearts would not be included, pictures are just to show the style of bag ^^)

I seemed to get a lot of good reception on my crochet projects, especially for the fairy bags! I was wondering, if I made some NOW, would any of you be interested in buying one?
Please answer the poll!

Poll #1646078 Fairy Bags

Would you be interested in buying a Fairy Bag?

Yes, definitely!
Other (please leave comment with details)

The ones I am making right now are made out of a lovely purple wool which is 10% Angora so it's fluffy and soft. It also has a new and improved design with a flap that you can button to keep everything safe inside and a loop so you can hang it up!
Contents would be:
1 x bottle of fairy dust (your choice of colour, or default would be purple)
1 x mini scroll
1 x crystal
1 x small candle
1 x small bottle of oil

They would all be themed around purple since that's the colour of the wool.

Right now the price would be between £7 - £10 which covers cost of wool, time spent making the bag as well as all the supplies.

What do you think? Any comments are appreciated on this!